Golden Rock

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Golden Rock

Genre(s) Volkslied
Brontaal Engels
Vertaler Onbekend
Auteursrecht Publiek domein
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   Nog te vertalen
Dit artikel is nog niet gereed, omdat het nog niet geheel naar het Nederlands is vertaald.

Iedereen, voornamelijk diegene die de brontaal beheersen, wordt uitgenodigd om dit artikel te vertalen.

Het Golden Rock is het volkslied van het eilandgebied Sint Eustatius.

Between the deep blue ocean
And the Caribbean Sea
Where the waves are all in motion
Lies a Pearl so dear to me
From Quill to little mountain
From Venus to White Wall
Long ago a golden fountain
Once a diamond waterfall
Golden Rock I'll always miss you
When I am far from thee
Never ever I'll forget you
Wheresoever I may be
Statia's past you are admired
Though Rodney filled his bag
The first Salute was fired
To the American Flag
The freedom of a nation
Promoted by our Fort
American and Statian
Both praise for it our Lord
Among the ruined houses
Of Low and Upper Town
There a lofty feeling rouses
Which never will break down
It's faithfulness forever
As ever it has been
May God forsake us never
And save Governor and Queen
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