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Ein kunst: De Klaerlightende Spiegel Derverf Konst[bewerken]

Ik been een Amerikaner... Sorry, but my German is bad and my Dutch is even worse. I have uploaded File:De Klaerlightende Spiegel Derverf Konst.pdf at c: and if anyone here is interested in working with me to transcribe it, I would be appreciative. I can't quite understand the script used, so it would probably help a lot to have an actual Dutch speaker helping me. If anyone is game, please ping me. Thanks/bedankt. Koavf (overleg) 1 okt 2019 18:05 (CEST)

Hai Koavf, Very glad to see you at nl.wikisource! It is always a bit quiet here. So when someone is asking to work together on a book, we are very surprised. We took a look at the book you mentioned. That is a very difficult one. It is not the wikisource work we are used to. On this book there is no OCR possible and you need an experienced old book transcriber. As a pity, that's not me and not Dick Bos as well. Perhaps another reader of this 'pub' will take notion on your request, and respond in a possitive way. But as I told is a bit quiet here. May I ask you if there is a special reason for uploading this book? Regards, from Dick and WeeJeeVee (overleg) 4 okt 2019 09:27 (CEST)
Gebruiker:WeeJeeVee Hai und bedankt. The good thing is, most of this book is color swatches, so there isn't that much text but yes, an OCR will not work with this calligraphy. :/ I uploaded it because I love color theory and I'm working on similar works with smell on Koavf (overleg) 4 okt 2019 09:44 (CEST)

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