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Hi Anton, today we are trying to make a new Author page for [[aEdward Bellamy (wikidata item Q455776). How can I use the templates you made? Is it possible to make make an authorpage from scratch by only using the templates? Regards WeeJeeVee (overleg) 8 dec 2019 12:02 (CET)

My templates can make only a header and an infobox, the rest should be written manually. And, of course, wikidata item should be filled with information as much as possible. --Tohaomg (overleg) 8 dec 2019 15:09 (CET)
If I make the authorpage Auteur:Edward Bellamy with only sjabloon auteur koptekst en infobox auteur, I will get an error. I don't know why. Can you show me how to do it? WeeJeeVee (overleg) 8 dec 2019 15:25 (CET)
Because the authorpage is not connected to a Wikidata item. When it will be connected, templates will work properly. --Tohaomg (overleg) 8 dec 2019 16:51 (CET)

Module Infobox auteur[bewerken]

Hi Tohaomg,

Many thanks again for creating the Module:Infobox auteur on our wiki. We use it regularly. A great help. But today I have a little problem. See: Auteur:Jan Adriaan van Eijk. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that we don't know exactly when he was born/when he died. Is it possible to fix this? Thank you in advance, --Dick Bos (overleg) 11 mei 2020 11:54 (CEST)

Yes, I just fixed it. --Tohaomg (overleg) 12 mei 2020 20:17 (CEST)