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Hi Tpt, On the Dutch wikisource we found a problem. After proofreading a book we try to download it as an Epub. But nothing happens. Downloading as PDF gives a download from only a few pages. Can you give a reason why this is happening?WeeJeeVee (overleg) 1 feb 2016 16:16 (CET)

Hi! Could you give me a link to an affected book in order to help me to debug this issue? Cheers, Tpt (overleg) 1 feb 2016 19:32 (CET)
For example Plantenschat and Gezelle/Dat_wilde_ik_weten, but with every book or text I'll try to download as epub, he tells me: Server error. WeeJeeVee (overleg) 2 feb 2016 10:48 (CET)